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This section is designed to provide information and resources for hiring managers and the support personnel in SPC departments, including a comprehensive description of the entire recruitment and hiring process. Additional actions that are likely during the employee life cycle are discussed as well.

Talent Acquisition & Hiring

Personnel Actions System

This channel includes live and on-demand training and “How-To” guides for the Personnel Actions System.

Recruitment & Hiring Processes

Our purpose is to create an onboarding experience where new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs so they can quickly become productive, contributing members of the organization while achieving satisfaction in their new roles.​

Posting a Position

The recruitment process should begin with reviewing the job description (and updating if needed), paying special attention to the Education and Experience information listed, which will be utilized for screening and qualifying applicants. Then, whether new or existing, the hiring manager should consult with the respective Vice President (VP) about the position.  Next, submit a formal request to Human Resources (HR).  For non-budgeted positions, please complete a Job Posting Request form.  For budgeted positions, please complete a Hiring Freeze Exception form and obtain all appropriate approvals.

HR will verify the final posting details and post the position on the college’s employment page.  It will also be advertised on external job boards such as Chronicle Vitae and Higher Ed Jobs.

Note: The advertised qualifications cannot be changed.

Screening and Interviewing

The applicant pool will be released to the hiring committee once adequate diversity has been met, generally within a few days of the job posting.  Subsequently, new applications will be released as they are received in the system.


Application and resume review is a critical task that requires consistent and fair treatment of all applicants. The role of the hiring committee is to ensure that the screening process is as objective as possible when assessing the individual’s qualifications for the job and any other personal characteristics that would be of value to the college without regard to race, gender, disability, national origin, religion, etc.

Veterans’ Preference

The college’s administration of Veterans’ Preference covers only Career Service positions, pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 295.07(a). The hiring committee must give veterans a preference for any Career Service positions. In the event that a qualified veteran has not been selected for an interview during the initial screening, the group will review the veteran applicants once again and select for an interview the veteran applicant whose qualifications match those specified for the position.

Shortlist & Interviewing

The hiring manager should develop a shortlist of 3 – 5 candidates for interviewing.  HR must review and approve the list of applicants prior to invitation.  Job-related interview notes, using the Interview Recording Worksheet, should be recorded.

Be objective. Remember that all applicants must be evaluated by the same criteria.

Hiring a Candidate

In order to hire the selected candidate for the position, a PAR form should be completed in the Personnel Actions system.  Once it’s approved by all levels, the PAR will be assigned to HR.  Next, HR will perform due-diligence work which includes verifying employment history and completing a background check.

After the background check results are approved, HR will send an offer letter to the hiring manager.  Once the offer letter and interview notes are returned to HR, HR will be able to close the job posting and send status notices to all applicants in the pool.

Personnel Actions System

The Percipio channel includes live and on-demand training and “How-To” guides for the Personnel Actions System. 

PeopleSoft HOW-TO Guides:

Request New Position

Hire-Rehire-Additional Job Request

Standard Start Dates

Talent Aquisition Contact

Hiring Freezes

Hiring Freeze Process

Hiring Process for Budgeted Personnel

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I need to hire for a position during the hiring freeze?

  • If you need to hire a budgeted personnel employee during the college’s hiring freeze, fill out the Hiring Freeze Exception Form and submit it to your Vice President. A form is not needed for OPS and Adjunct hires.
  • To best understand the approval process, see the Process Flow Chart. 
  • If you have additional questions, review the budget Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Process, Personnel Actions, Employee Records, & Employment Verification

For Questions Please Contact​​

Budget or Cost Centers

Fabiola Castillo, Budgeting Manager



New Employee Onboarding Survey

Hiring managers/departments, please fill out this survey as soon as an Employee ID number has been created for the new employee.

New Employee Onboarding Survey

Faculty Onboarding Survey

Hiring managers/departments, please fill out this survey as soon as an Employee ID number has been created for the new faculty member.

Faculty Onboarding Survey

Onboarding Checklist for Managers
Hiring managers/departments, the following is the Onboarding Checklist.

Manager’s Checklist

Interim Remote Work Policy

The intent of this policy is to provide policy and guidance around the process of supporting remote working (employees working from home or remotely) and returning employees, fully or partially, from remote working.

The College continues to monitor the ongoing threat of COVID-19 pandemic while assessing all potential risks to employees. During this time of uncertainty, remote working is a viable, flexible work option in response to the College’s plan to return to campus, as well as to mitigate the risk of infection and spread of the virus in our community.

Policy Details

Remote Hiring Tips for Supervisors

Badge Access Request Form

New hires may need badge access to facilities. Please use the form to request access.


Badge Access Excel Form (xlsx)

Standard Start Dates
Position Based Guides
The Position-Based Guide incorporates a 30/60/90 day plan that should be customized by the supervisor or someone who knows the position well. Once the guide is finalized, the new employee will receive the guide and will be expected to complete the action items listed on the plan. After 30/90 days, the employee will receive a “check-in” survey from the Onboarding Concierge to see how they are doing in their new role. If there are any issues, Human Resources can provide them with resources they might need to keep them moving forward. We want every employee to feel supported, engaged, excited, and proud to work at SPC!

Onboarding Contact

Kathleen Waugh
Onboarding Concierge
(727) 398-8250​​

Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Enhancement of a quality working environment for employees

Employee Relations seeks to be a trusted resource to all employees, as well as a strategic partner to supervisors, managers, and faculty leaders. We work to promote an environment where all employees can be productive and successful in achieving their professional and career goals, and are treated fairly and respectfully.  

The role of Employee Relations is to provide guidance and counsel regarding workplace concerns for all SPC employees and managers​ in accordance with College personnel policies and procedures, including discipline and disciplinary action, conflict resolution, management practices and development, performance management, and organizational development.

We are committed to ensuring employees understand their rights and responsibilities to support an engaging and productive work experience.

Employee Inquiry and Complaints Procedures

Employees may have concerns about possible policy violations, unfair or inappropriate actions, or misconduct in their work areas that cannot be resolved through their supervisory channels. This section offers information about different ways in which employees can seek resolution to concerns in their work areas and how to file a complaint against another employee they believe may be engaged in a policy violation or misconduct.

For questions regarding Employee Relations

John Furr
Employee Relations Manager​​

Employee Offboarding

Employee Offboarding

How to Submit a Retirement request

How to Submit a Termination request

Effective & Consistent Off-Boarding Processes

An effective and consistent off-boarding process plays an important role in protecting the interests of both the College and exiting employees. In addition to safety, security, and protection of physical assets, it is important to remember that past employees will continue to act as ambassadors regarding the work environment and can serve as a terrific source for referrals and open feedback. A streamlined off-boarding process provides benefits in a number of ways. 

Use of off-boarding procedures:

  • Protects physical property and maintains an operating knowledge base
  • Ensures compliance and security regarding systems and physical access
  • Assists in the transfer of knowledge
  • Collects valuable feedback
  • Helps maintain and promote our reputation as an employer of choice
  • Provides employees with an organized way to wrap up and transfer projects

Personnel Actions

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Off-Boarding &
Exit Surveys

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Resignation Letters

Please forward resignation letters to​​