Title IX Report Form

This form was created to serve as the means by which the individual who experienced the unwanted behavior can file a formal complaint. Filing a formal complaint will initiate the grievance process related to the reported allegations which include initiating an investigation and/or initiating the informal resolution process.

SPC’s Title IX Incident Report Form is for incidents of but not limited to gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact (battery/rape), domestic/intimate partner violence, stalking, and/or bullying.


  • NO INVESTIGATION SHOULD BE CONDUCTED by the individual making this report. 
  • NO INTERIM MEASURES SHOULD BE PUT IN PLACE except those administered by the Title IX office.

Title IX Reporting Form

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  • From a college phone dial extension 2560
  • From cell or other phones dial 727-791-2560

For immediate emergency assistance, on all campuses (police, fire, medical) dial 911 and then call Security Dispatch at 727-791-2560.

Form Information

Title IX is a law that intends to protect people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. The law requires that a person who is alleging sexual harassment submit a formal complaint in order to initiate the grievance process.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Title IX?

It is a federal regulation that prohibits gender discrimination against students and staff of educational institutions. Title IX is a part of the Education Amendments enacted in 1972.

Do I have to file a police report?

No, you do not have to file a report with local law enforcement.  You can receive services and support from the College local Victim Services without filing a police report.

If you decide to file a police report you will need to notify the municipality where the incident occurred.

Do I have to file a report with the College?

You will need to notify the College to obtain support services and referrals to resources.  

How do I file a report?
You may submit your report online:  LINK GOES HERE


You can contact one of the College’s Title IX Coordinators, or Campus Security

What if I don’t know who did this?

You can file a report without knowing the name of the other party.


An informal complaint process is a fully voluntary, structured interaction between the parties that is designed to help them address and resolve an issue at the earliest stage possible. Informal resolutions are flexible meaning the process can move forward in many different ways.   As a general rule an informal complaint process:

  1. Will not receive a comprehensive investigation.
  2. May be kept confidential.
  3. Will not be referred for official disciplinary action if an agreement between the parties and the College is reached.
Will my report be confidential?
Only those at the College that need to know will have access to the report. If a formal complaint is filed the other party would be notified at that time. A truly confidential report may be made to the College-wide Counseling Center
What happens if the person retaliates against me for reporting?

Policy states that “Retaliation against individuals who have filed a charge or participated in an investigation or opposed any unlawful practice is prohibited and will subject the person who retaliates to disciplinary action…”

Who will I have to talk to?

You will have to speak to the Title IX Coordinator. If you decide to file a formal complaint you will need to speak to an investigator.

What happens if I submit a formal complaint?

The other party will be notified that a complaint has been filed.
An investigation will be conducted by a trained investigator, this will include interview all involved parties and witnesses, gathering documentation related to the complaint from both parties and compiling a summary report..

A hearing will be scheduled to review the investigation report and make a determination. 

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the hearing?

Either party has the right to appeal the outcome of a hearing.